Thursday, October 21, 2004

lucky happy

nothing can make me too sad between now and december 29th.

i can't hold it in. i have to tell. i'm going on a family vacation. finally. i've never been on one. the only place outside of my hometown that my family as all been together was my grandmothers funeral. i cried on the phone whenc my dad told me.

so now nothing matters. wait, nothing BAD matters because i'm happy. if you dare to try to ruin my happiness i will beat you with a blunt spoon. (i'll cover it in lube for joel).

it doesnt matter that someone has been lying to me for weeks now. it doesnt matter that i'm bored all week. in fact it doesnt even matter that i havent eaten dinner in over a week. and the best part is: it doesnt matter that i'm still too young BECAUSE i'll be spending my birthday with my whole family for the first time in forever.

in other news...
the guy that does the "Spence Diamond's" commercials in The Edge has the most annoying voice on the face of the planet. hes got a very minor lisp and it just drives me nuts. this does not mean i dislike diamonds though, oh no, those ones you all wanted to give to me just now, it's ok i'll still take them.

1 comment:

  1. Diamond, I don't have... yet. But I bet your family vacation worth more than Spence Diamonds. :)

    alright you MUST tell me all about it deal?