Monday, October 04, 2004

finally some positiveness!

another fine weekend spent in waterloo. i'm finally in a good mood. and i'm keeping up on my running.

this weekend included:
4 hour drive, 3 people and too much gas on friday
a little hangin out also on friday
goin to bed early...on friday.

saturday was busy busy
showing natasha the joys of indian food.
racing to the corners of the earth to find our third member.
crappy crappy races that we sadly sadly lost.
a fantastic party with tons of people and i even saw my frosh.

sunday was breakfast and then more driving
dinner at my aunts
more driving
home to my freezing room and ringing phone.

i got in trouble at work today.
i forgot to do something and i was terribly sorry and i'm making myself look quite bad. but we learn from our mistakes correct?

i hope that everyone has a great week and eats lots of turkey!! ya dude. i'm happy.

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