Monday, October 18, 2004

Caution: This post is very negative

Why I hate Fall
By Erica

Reason number 1...
I'll admit it. I hate the rain. Others say "Oh but it smells so good!" or "Oh but it makes everything fresh!" and yes, I agree with both of these....

BUT this doesn't mean that I like rain.

I hate being wet. Having to come in and get mud everywhere. I hate it when the bottoms of my jeans are soaked because I stepped in a puddle and now i have to change otherwise i'll get the whole house wet INCLUDING the bottoms of my socks. I hate that my hair frizzes. I hate that my shoes get wet and it takes a week to dry, same goes for mitts. I hate that the bugs come out JUST before and JUST after, and there's worms everywhere that stick to the bottoms of my shoes and then get tracked into the house. I hate that I cant sit outside and read a book because the lawn furniture is wet (especially if its cold out, then they stay wet for days) If i did the books pages would get all curlied and that would suck. I hate that i have to put all the recycling in the corner on the floor because the bins were outside and i cant put them in the kitchen because they are soaked. I hate using my wipers because then its harder to see when i'm driving and hydroplaning is scary. But most of all... i hate the rain because then it means its not sunny out and its not snowing. my 2 favorite things.

Reason number 2...
Its too cold to wear just a sweater. but too warm to wear my nice winter coat. Instead i have to wear my ugly wind breaker and look like a little boy. especially with this hair cut.
the wind cuts through my wool sweater, it didnt do that in the summer and i'll wear another layer in the winter. You cant wear a toque because it's most likely to rain and reason number one clarifies THAT one.

Reason number 3...
Everything is either already dead or in the process of dying. THOUGH there is one exception. thanksgiving weekend shows the most magnificent colours ever. BUT that still means its gonna look like poo in a few days. Theres no snow to sit on the branches to make things look all pretty and crystal. just brown and dead. sucky.

In conclusion: I hate fall, and I hate rain alot.

Thank you and good day.


  1. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Does that mean you hate me when I make you wet?

    You should just get an umbrella, or perhaps one of those silly little hats with the mini umbrella on top.

    I also don't know why you think your short hair makes you look androgynous. I have told you on many occasions that I think it looks better, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. :)

    Love Lyle

  2. You sound dry, rough and bitter. You know what you need.

    I'll give you a hint, it starts with an "l" and rhymes with....oh...Scube.

  3. Fall turns out to be more dreadful than I imagined all this time. *go sunny go!*

    and joel can't seem to get that word out of his head.

  4. neither can i!!!



  5. It rhymes with scube!

    Maybe the word is too big, and the hole to get it out of my head is too small...I wonder what I should use to get it out!