Friday, September 24, 2004

In the beginning...

I suppose i got pretty lucky in the parents department. When i was quite young i was always encouraged to read alot and i'm very thankful for this. We had all of the Barenstein bears books, seaseme street, bob munsch. you name it. i still dont know why her name was just 'sister' and his 'brother' their friends even called them that. those silly bears, :p
in any case Grover was in a book called "When is saturday?" and it was about him waiting for the week to end because his cousin was arriving. he went through the days of the week doing something different everyday, crossing off the day before he was tucked into bed. the week went by so fast for grover and before you knew it he was hiding in a homemade fort with his cousin on saturday. i wish my weeks went by that fast and that i had a cousin to build a fort with on saturday. instead i'm getting an oil change.

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