Wednesday, September 01, 2004

i find time in the weirdest places

so i'm back...sorta. i'm at work. i have no computer, no tv and no phone at home so i'm using the internet here.
anyways so i guess a few things have happened.
i'm living in mississauga back at fred's place again. except i have the bigger room. and by big i mean HUGE. its awesome, i have my own bathroom and just an insane amount of space.
the only bad part is that its in mississuaga and no one else is in mississauga. but thats ok, my car is good to me and it will take me to pretty places.
work is alright. i dunno. thats a very long story and the end of it is me being disappointed but whatever, take what you can right, it pays my rent and a little more.
on the bright side i'm only working 4 days this week and not at all next week because i get to abuse my body and be a frosh leader. very tiring i hear. but i'm still excited.
a conclusion that i've drawn from the past few weeks is that ikea is awesome for buying cheap, cool furniture but it sucks on a weekend. that place is worse then a mall at xmas. so bad. we got out of there as fast as we could.
in other news there are some pretty funny ppl at the office. this one polish guy, bart, has the awesomest accent and says the funniest things and lucy keeps telling me to stop working. its alright i guess.

so no more boring updates. right now i really like the weather and i will have money in my pocket by the end of the week and i will have clean MATCHING sheets on my bed.

things are alright, they can always be better but they can always be worse.

nothing else is interesting.


  1. hey erica, you're back!! good to hear from you again *grin* This place mississauga sounds exciting.

    I wish next time I can enjoy my job like you do now. ;)

  2. lol, mississauga is just a suburb of toronto. not very exciting, but its quiet so i like it.