Friday, July 30, 2004

stuck in the middle

you know when you finish off a day and you look back at it and think 'wow that was a really good day..everything went well...i laughed alot...talked with alot of my friends...generally had a good time...but something is wrong'
that's today. i had a test this morning that went really well, i had an awesome lunch and then i laughed my way to 3pm and then came home and had an awesome really long nap. but something is wrong.
i have no idea what it is. but its there...and its bugging me. i dont think its exams, i dont think its school related its just something...maybe i'm thinking too much.
i know theres alot of people that say that being famous would not be all its cracked up to be but honestly i would kill to be able to sing and make money doing it. not worrying about anything. mostly i mean not worrying about school. that would rule. i'd probably go to school anyways just to learn but it wouldnt be such a hassle.
maybe i should've gone into fine-arts at mcgill, maybe i'd be happy then.
maybe i'd enjoy being tested because i love reading and writing about art but even more so doing it. i miss my paint box. and my room upstairs with the little window and the easle(sp?) my dad made me. it was just perfect. food downstairs. my mom in the office. my dad outside. but no i'm here in my little room, i dont even have my paint box here to look at let alone open up.

i cant wait to be home
that's what's interesting


  1. Yeah, we all wish to live an easy life like what happens in the movies. But I totally agree with passion for art. teeheeheehee.

  2. Anonymous10:21 AM

    It's funny, i might be the only one who really knows what you mean (your neighbor)

  3. Anonymous10:22 AM