Wednesday, July 21, 2004

enlighted thoughts on roommates

i actually wrote this post 2 days ago but it deleted itself, i'm going to try and re-produce it, no promises.

roommates,....uh shit i forgot what i wrote last time.
try again

my roommate: we could not be more opposite. yet we get along a ridiculous amount of well. and we know SO much about each other. for example we were having lunch together the other day and she was making pasta and i was makin salad, she says "erica you can use my big blue bowl because i know you like to have salad in it so that you can mix it real well" and i said as she was cutting celery 'take the middle part, i know that you think it taste better then the rest of the stock' , oh it just makes me all warm inside! i'm such a dork, but we really are like sisters and i'm really glad that we get along the way we do.

another thing, amy and i dont ever hang out besides in our kitchen, this bring me to my next point, i'm probably better friends with alot of other people but amy gets many exceptions from me, such as i bought a box of miscellaneous (sp?) popsicles that had lime, orange and raspberry, i hate raspberry everything so when people come over they are only allowed to have the raspberrry popsicles because otherwise i will throw them away at the end of the year when i attempt to clean out our freezer (worst job EVER) but amy, she can have any colour she wants, i have no idea why i made this exception for her, shes not my best friend, we have nothing in common, we dont discuss out problems but theres just something about being roommates, it makes it ok.  she told me that i'd make a good sister to her. i liked that. she tells me things, i tell her things, she thinks i'm really weird sometimes and i the same for her but still, its ok.

i hope that we stay friends for a while, we may never live together again and i really hope that this doesnt mean that we cant cook for potlucks together, get all prettied up for semi-formals together, or just sit and laugh at what neither of us understands on 'sex and the city'. 

three cheers for amster, who makes the best (insert any type of baked goods here) ever.

 in other news, nothing else is interesting.

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