Friday, July 23, 2004

a boring life in a boring town

btw, that was a great show.

by default this weekend will suck. next week is my last week of 1B and my last chance to shape up and try and do better then before. which i btw what more then anything i evereverevereverever EVER EVER have wanted, if only admin knew that :(

i have 3 reports to finish. maybe some other random homework, a speech to WRITE and PERFORM. i'm nervous for that one. though it is in front of a ton of prospective parents and or students that could care less about what i have to say about 'my first year experience'

blah school sucks, what else is new?

waterfight today, i'm judging, should be a good time. its the frist time my class has been involved in anything. AH i have to go to school!!

nothing else is interesting


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