Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Look i'm learning!

i now have a bunch of free time now that my midterms are over. yahoo me. anyways as i was saying i have free time to work on this masterpeice that i call my blog (spelling mistakes and all). anyways nothing is new and exciting. i'm going to have pink hair on friday. i'm tres excited for that one. i dont think that my mother is though. oh well i never see her so it doesnt really matter. and as for my brother, i dont really care what he has to say anyways, thats a lie, i usually listen to him even though i tell him that i dont, but sshhhh if he finds out i'm done!!
i'm so bored with school these days, i spend hardly any time worrying about it and end up slacking off alot as a result. at least i'm honest and i admit it.
i'm excited for the end of term when kyle and i take our trip over to manitoba, that will be a good time. 26 hrs. at least i get to go home and i think that kyle will enjoy it. winnipeg is an awesome city, well i like it anyways, it doesnt seem that the weakerthans (sp?) like it though, the guess who were awesome you dorks!! cant have everything perfect now can we. i have to go eat something. more on this later.

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