Wednesday, May 12, 2004

its hot. we have no air conditioning.
hermit life seems to be that which is designed for me.
i would do well as a hermit.
i dislike talking to people.
i can amuse myself quite contently with an array of rocks and sticks i'm sure.
maybe i'm just saying this because people are bothering me.
for example, i realize there is no written msn etiquette but really, politness should usually be practised. for instance if you plan on no longer talking to a person, at least say something!! dont leave them hanging!! that bugs me so much. blah.
hm what else is interesting. all i can think of is that it's hot and i'm in a bad mood. what else is new.
you know when you get a drink at a fast food place how it comes in a cardboard cup with a lid and a straw? i've decided to swear by these things. they are so practical, kinda like sippy-cups for grownups. they dont spill (mostly because they are caught fairly quickly) and frankly, straws are amusing. and it's just fun. try it out, get one, use it, swear by it. you'll be a changed person. results not guaranteed for all.

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