Sunday, April 18, 2004

things to talk about: 'dish-water blonde', slim-fast, cooking for myself.
1. the blonde thing: what an awful awful term for a 'dirty blonde' which is even an awful term on its own. but if theres one thing that is gross its dishwater, with all the floaties and old bread crumb scum. this brings up the topic of my shaving my head in a few short months. I'M SO FREAKING NERVOUS. i realize its for a good cause, and i beleive that my being nervous is quite selfish but my hair is after all a part of me and i dont have many parts left to lose. bah i'm such a girl.
2. slim-fast: not much to say about this other then it tastes like pink chalk, i say this because when i was in elementary school i used to wash the chalk board brushes and the brushes from the coloured board (vs the just white board) smelled differently. and it was that specific smell that i was reminded of when i took a sip of that foul foul drink they call meal-replacment. i didnt realize school supplies were a food group.
3. cooking for myself: it has brought me a new appetite. there are no rules of what goes with what, but rather what am i craving now and what am i for example i had a salad and triscuits with melted cheese for dinner and an orange with a glass of apple juice for breakfast. i can live very cheaply on this lifestyle, what ever i buy i eat. if i buy cheap i eat cheap. always go shopping when you're full and always go shopping when you're almost broke. its easier that way. fill up with gas first then go for groceries.
life is simple.
i'll have no hair soon.
i'll cram my report into 2 days.
i'll sleep ok tonight.

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