Wednesday, April 28, 2004

its been an interesting week. i am so close to being done packing and i know i will be so happy when i am yet i'm still sitting here. my computer is always the last thing to get packed, and my bedding. mostly because they are 2 of my very favorite things. except i'm lying, i hate my computer, i like what it does for me. now my bedding, its fantastic. oh my. i got a postcard today. they are quite nice to get, you know a little taste of a great trip that a friend is on, its nice to know that my friends are happy. i like that feeling. except everyone always reads your postcards. always. i betcha at least 17 people have read mine. but you know its ok. i dont mind. postcards arent usually reserved for privacy. and since i find its really only close friends that are sending them (or thats what i do anyways) they are full of inside jokes so no one would understand them anyways. mmmm i love my friends. they are fantastic. new ones, old ones alike, i love em i love em i love em.

peace, love, empathy

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