Thursday, April 15, 2004

i work at the airport, in a little trailer, in a little room, all by my little self. the thing is my office is right next to the mens washroom. this means 2 things:
1. i get to hear construction workers do their business all day
2. i get to hear these same guys blow their noses all day
funny, its the second one that bothers me most.
if you are like me, you like to blow your nose in private, you know in the bathroom so you can check to make sure you got everything before returning to public, these guys do the same. but the thing that bothers me most is the way they do it. there are several ways one can go about this:
1. the sneeze technique. kinda like an "uh....uhhh.....UHH.....CHOO" except when blowing ones nose its like "honk...hooonk.....HOOOOONKKK.......SPLASHTH" when that sucker finally gets out. this is one of the worst because i can hear it hit the kleenex. ugh.
2. the in and out. sounds like "sniff....snoof....sniff...snoof" getting it in a bit, you know getting some leverage and then WHAM sneaking up on it and ending its short lived life in their sawdust filled shnozes. this one takes a little longer for reasons i havent thought of yet.
3. the whammy. sounds like "SPLAOOOSHHHHTHBBPPPPTTTT" and also it may be accompanied by Mr. Joe Tradesman hitting his head on the door because he used too much of his body and not enough of his head. it does the trick though, i would agree.
and last but not least.
4. the pick: we all know how this works, its a last resort. 1,2, and 3 didnt work, your head hurts, your eyes are puffy because theres a build up in the bridge of your nose that just wont budge, so you get in there, really in there.
this is my beef, there is nothing i can do about it.
alas i am done for today, i've just re-read my post for spelling etc and i'm distubed i didnt think i could conkoct (sp?) such a gross shpeel. oh well. enjoy.

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