Wednesday, April 21, 2004

exciting things flooding the mind of erica today...well there's the obvious of the leafs pulling through and winning and making me tres happy. otherwise nothing. i'm packing for school and it sucks. i hate going through all my stuff, it makes me kind of sad the things that one accumulates over the years. like stupid things that i've kept because they meant something at the time. i have to repack all my stuff every four months and i usually throw alot out but then more stuff reaccumulates over the next 4 months. its an endless train of stuff accumulation. and i get these ideas in my head like: i dont throw out pictures even if i hate the ppl because i think i may make up with them later on and blah blah. or "cards and letters from people i dont even know, and offers coming over the phone" actually no, but if you can name that song you win a prize! i really need to stop being such a pack rat and get down to my bare necessities. oh bother.
did you know that tim's coffee is the only coffee with calories in it? their black coffee actually has sugar in it, i think thats why its so addictive. thats weird eh. i still like their coffee though and will most likely still drink it even though i know every time i have a cup i'll want more...and more ...and more. great marketing scheme frankly. yes, i think so.
the terminal is wonderful. but theres no tims.
i'm glad i was a part of it, its been exciting.
much effin faboo love (but only for hannah)
hot lesbian love for erin (if shes still into that)
winnipeg love (its *special*) for mes amis de winnipeg
regular love for the rest of you's guys.

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